The Nifty Portal is the Future of Web 3 Media

NFT media in 2022 is split between two parties, those that want to take your money and those that want to help you grow your money. Youtube search any NFT project and you’ll see a lineup of wannabe Youtube partners with zero personality and 1000 jump cuts producing content trying to get you to buy their (adjective) (zoo animal). Threading the needle of value and charisma in the NFT space has apparently been a very tall task for a large portion of the NFT media community. Out of this pool of 2nd rate Gary Vee’s has stood out a channel that is quickly rising to the top of NFT Media. Anchored by a daily Youtube show and a insanely popular morning Twitter space, The Nifty Alpha (commonly featuring @piovincenzo_, @allnick, and @SpeculatorArt) has proven to be able to bring a perfect mix of charismatic hosts with legit insight into the NFT space. An insight that doesn’t feel like they’re trying to con you into some low grade cartoon project, but instead actual views and strategies that help you think differently when it comes to NFT’s. With the launch of their own NFT collection, The Nifty Portal, the Nifty team has given viewers a way to invest, engage, and shape the roadmap for the brand like no media company has been able to do until web 3. This is the blueprint for all future web 3 media companies.

Nifty Alpha might be in their early stages, but the power and influence they can wield should not be underestimated. Despite being a multimedia production, it is the Twitter Spaces component of The Nifty that really blows me away. Hosted at 9am Eastern every morning, the Twitter space oftentimes hosts over 1,500 concurrent listeners. In March 2022 the NFT market averaged 15,000 active traders a day. This means that on the conservative side you can estimate at least 1% but up to 10% of NFT traders tune into this broadcast. This is an absolutely amazing stat that can not be understated. Even in their very early stages this is incredibly powerful influence on a community.

Media companies up until this point have been viewed through a glass screen, separated from the viewer. By growing a brand and releasing an NFT project alongside it, The Nifty Alpha has given viewers a way to be a part of the brand. By owning the Nifty Portal you are given access to a Discord that the hosts plus special guests frequent throughout the day, allowing for constant communication and engagement. Investing in The Nifty Portal also subconsciously makes you more connected to the brand. You’ll now be more likely to tune into their broadcasts because you feel like you own a part of their brand. You’ll also want to stay tightly engaged to all their media in order to stay up to date with releases and news on the NFT itself. It’s a flywheel effect that keeps a base of viewers engaged and brings more investors in. On top of that, the more the brand grows, the more the price of the NFT will go up, only driving more people to the brand. It’s the tactic Gary Vee used to build his own personal brand with Vee Friends. It’s an incredibly potent strategy when applied to a brand that is already attracting viewers through entertaining, valuable content.

This is what makes web 3 different. By being able to own the infrastructure, you become a part of the brand. And by producing incredibly entertaining content, the Nifty has built highly desirable infrastructure viewers will want to invest in. This was never possible before with traditional media. One of the trends I’m watching in 2022 is this kind of strategy. NFT media is still in its infant state. Not many media personalities outside of Kevin Rose or Gary Vee has been able to leverage this. The Nifty Alpha appears to be the first true NFT Media brand rather than single personality that is able to sustain and grow this type of strategy. I expect this to be the blueprint not only NFT media uses moving forward, but a blueprint that all forms of traditional media will start adopting. NFT’s and web 3 have quietly revolutionized the relationship between media and users and if you know where to look there are opportunities for both brands and the consumer to capitalize on these trends.

From an investment perspective I like the Nifty Portal. It’s a 7.8k collection with over 4.7k owners. This is a fantastic unique ownership ratio. Up to this point the price has been ranging from .1 to .2 ETH. So far there hasn’t been any additional drops to holders, but there have been some benefits like WL spots and exclusive alpha groups. The biggest value driver in my eyes is the connection to the brand itself. As their audience grows and as they start to produce value through the NFT I think the fundamentals are in place to drive more demand to this project. While I am bullish it will take a lot of execution by the team moving forward.

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