NFT Worlds Has Built the Web 3 Blueprint. Massive Investment Opportunities Will Come From This.

If you want to know how to make money in NFT’s look no further than the typical project roadmap. Newly launched projects will for the most part have a lot of the same features in their roadmap. Metaverse this, P2E game that, 3D models launching soon. Over the last week a new popular roadmap item has been showing up across project sites- NFT World functionality. Just by tweeting about NFT Worlds has exploded some project’s value. This isn’t by accident, what NFT Worlds is accomplishing is not just a wildly popular project with A 15 ETH floor at the time of writing, but also built the blueprint for how web 3 experiences should be created from here on out. Let’s do a deep dive on how this project has the potential to change the entire web 3 space forever and why all developers should take notice.

Before we get into what NFT Worlds is doing so right, let’s talk about what other web 3 projects are doing so wrong. Let’s start with Sandbox and Decentraland. (As some context, I own Sandbox LANDs and don’t own any NFT World NFT’s.) Sandbox has been in development purgatory for years now. What the creators of Sandbox are attempting to do is build an entire web 3 platform from the ground up. This isn’t as easy as building a “hello world” program in an afternoon. This is an incredibly complex video game that will also need to be fully integrated with the blockchain, something that has never been accomplished before. This will require monstrous teams of developers and designers to complete. As a result, they have sold millions of dollars of NFT’s, but no full game experience to show for it. They’ve chosen to take on a gargantuan task that will take a very long time to complete. The same goes for Decentraland. They’ve launched already but to call this a AAA high quality experience would be a disservice to all AAA high quality gaming experiences. Both of these teams, as well as teams building out a lot of other up and coming web 3 experiences has chosen the very difficult task of building super complex and in depth experiences in a market where development resources are dry. Both games have been in development for years and neither are close to launching anything we’d consider an ideal “metaverse” experience.

Instead of joining the race to a metaverse which could take years, if not decades, plus tens of millions of dollars, NFT Worlds flipped the script on its head. The NFT Worlds team decided to take an existing open source program – Minecraft – and Web 3ify it (new term made up by me.) They took Minecraft and turned different custom Minecraft servers and tokenized them into NFT’s. Due to the open source nature of Minecraft, they were able to add custom functionality and integrate their utility token into the experience. As a result, new NFT projects can buy NFT World tokens and build their own custom experiences on them. They took an already existing game with hundreds of millions of players and years of development work, and just add web 3 components to it. The results have been an incredible success. In just a few short months they’ve launched with some incredible gameplay to show for it. The utility token $WRLD is booming, the floor prices are sky rocketing, and dozens of other projects are now building metaverse experiences on top of NFT Worlds. From an experience perspective, they are light years ahead of the competition, with only a fraction of the development time. THIS is the blueprint other NFT projects need to be following. Instead of taking on the near impossible task of building a new, revolutionary experience, why not take an existing open source experience and turn it into something better on the blockchain? The Sandbox has been described as Minecraft on the Blockchain. Well why did they need to try to rebuild Minecraft? NFT Worlds decided to cut out the most time costly and expensive part of the metaverse process, and just take the tools given to them and build something better. Isn’t this one of the advantages of Web 3 in the first place?

I strongly believe this is a new paradigm other new projects will be emulating. Instead of trying to hack together some shotty experience in a short period of time, why not take the open source programs that are already out there and add web 3 components to them? It’s quicker, cheaper, smarter, and results in higher quality user experiences. Minecraft has been in development for over a decade by huge teams of developers, why not leverage all their hard work to make something different? That’s what NFT Worlds did. This article is not me trying to convince you to invest in NFT Worlds. I’ll be the first to fully admit I missed the boat on this one from an investment perspective. The argument I’m trying to make here is this- there’s something behind the incredible meteoric rise of NFT Worlds and its ecosystem. There’s a blueprint here others can use for their own success. My prediction is by the end of 2022 many more successful projects will launch that will be existing programs with web 3 components. When researching new projects, look for the ones building on top of already great software. This will lead to more dependable, higher quality experiences. Paying attention to this trend will present you with many more investment opportunities.

I covered a lot here and I hope you found some good information. My goal is not to make you invest, it is to hopefully teach you something about my investment style and how I do research. Hopefully some of the information here will help you in the future when you do your own research. As always, this is not financial advice, just simply my own findings. If you found this helpful feel free to subscribe to my newsletter. It’s completely free and I send all my research there first. Also follow my Twitter and feel free to engage with me there. Thanks for reading.

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