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Fvckrender is Leading the Web 3 Art Revolution

The future of art is in Web 3. This is an undeniable fact that has every single professional and amateur artist in the world pivoting at the moment. From traditional artists like Takashi Murakami releasing a collection going for over $25,000 a piece right now to newer artists like Beeple selling single pieces of NFT art for millions, the money in art has shifted to the blockchain and where the money goes the attention will follow. While the present trend certainly seems to be buying and selling digital pieces of art, the future will for sure be EXPERIENCING the art. This is the strength of web 3. Not only can you own the infrastructure of the digital space, you will be able to experience that infrastructure as well. While gaming metaverses like Sandbox and Decentraland have gotten all the attention, different kinds of metaverses with different purposes will be born as well. Art metaverses will absolutely be on the forefront of Web 3 technology. Over the past 2 years an OG NFT artist by the name Fvckrender (pronounced how you think it is) has quietly been building a metaverse that will let you experience art like you’ve never seen before. This will change how we view and live art forever.

Fvckrender made a name for himself in the early days of NFT’s by releasing art collections with an extremely striking and unique art style. Each collection brought a new take on this dark gothic futuristic 3D art style. While releasing collections that would quickly sell out, Fvckrender was quietly working in the background with a team of web 3 enthusiasts on a new digital metaverse experience called Lvcidia. This metaverse is completely dedicated to experiencing art like never before. Filled with striking visuals and an audio experience that demands high end noise cancelling headphones, in Lvcidia you’re given the freedom to explore an entire universe and all its galaxies and planets, filled with breathtaking audio/visual experiences and artwork powered by NFT’s. This isn’t simply Opensea wallets filled with square jpegs. This is an entire immersive world that lets you live and breathe your digital artwork. The first time I tried out Lvcidia for myself I knew this was going to be the future of artwork.

Artwork in its earliest form was etchings in the side of a cave you can only see by torch light. Soon it evolved to paint strokes on a canvas, shipped and hung on walls of the elite and in museums. When NFT’s were made it became hyper accessible, traded like commodities back and forth between digital wallets. The future is experiencing the artwork. Artwork given context in a living breathing world to explore and interact with. Artwork that has touch, feel, and sound. An entire immersive experience rather than just a picture on the wall. Experiences that will turn keyboard jockies into fine artists. Experiences that will take large teams of audio, visual, and technical professionals to build rather than just a single person. While people are looking one way at digital monkeys with hats smoking cigars, future digital leaders like Fvckrender were looking the other way, building the next level of art. What’s even more exciting about all of this is it’s not just a pipedream like many other “metaverses” out there. This experience is fully playable at this very moment on the Lvcidia site (I highly encourage you to plug in headphones and melt into the spacey audio experience).

While I built the NFT God website to celebrate and breakdown the future of web experiences, a big part of why I write these articles is to talk about the financial side of things. So in spirit of that I want to break down how you can invest and become an early part of these artwork experiences. The first component of the Lvcidia metaverse that was released was the Fvck_Crystals. As described by Fvckrender this is the most utility rich component of the Lvcidia universe. Despite being the first collection released back in August of 2021, the most exciting component of this experience to me is the Fvck Avatars. The avatars are what sucked me into this rabithole. The incredibly striking and unique art collection sent me into a deep research zone for days upon seeing previews. Fvck Avatars are created by burning Essence. On April 6th you can start burning Essence to create your Fvck Avatar. There’s a few interesting things going on here. First of all, they are going by the highly successful CloneX Vial and Bored Ape Chemistry Club model of creating assets. By burning the asset to create another, you are deflating the asset and making it rarer. By combining that with a “luck” component of not knowing what kind of asset you’ll get, you create an element of demand that grows over time. As long as Fvck Avatars become a desirable asset, the Essence should become an even more desirable asset as the quantity decreases. This will create a fly wheel effect that will increase the demand of the entire Fvckrender ecosystem. If you are looking to make a profit here, my recommendation would be to invest in multiple Essences and only burn a portion of it. As I do in all of my research articles, I’d like to challenge my assumptions as well. I’m invested in this ecosystem because I think it is the future of art. The challenge here is if people don’t enjoy the art of the Fvck Avatar, demand won’t keep up to supply and the value won’t increase. This is possibly the biggest possible danger in this investment. And with a 12k size, the art will need to be on point. Based on the previews I’ve seen though, I am highly confident in the execution of the artwork here.

Web 3 is without a doubt the future of art. Being able to live, breathe, feel, and hear your artwork will become standard as web 3 technology builds out. Based on what I’m seeing Fvckrender is on the front lines of this revolution. The next Leonardo Da Vinci isn’t holding a paintbrush right now, they are typing on a keyboard.

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