Creepz Just Announced Seasons 2 and 3 Of Their NFT Ecosystem. Here Is Why They Could Flip BAYC

If the Creepz ecosystem stopped expanding today it would already be considered a wild success. Already 200x the mint price (and way higher than that at one point) the Creepz community and ecosystem has reached heights not many other projects have obtained yet. Up until this point they’ve released a crazy successful genesis collection. A high volume utility token ($LOOMI). As well as several popular supporting collections including an ingenious Shapeshifter set. The execution level here is already far superior to most NFT collections out there, but today they’ve taken it to the next level. Today they announced Seasons 2 and 3 of this ecosystem which has sent ripples throughout the entire NFT space. Let’s dive into why this new roadmap puts Creepz in position to become one of the most successful NFT brands ever.

Creepz Newly Announced Roadmap

As you can see above the founding team at Creepz just announced their new roadmap. What I want to do is deep dive into each announcement and discuss how each step of this roadmap will put them in position to dramatically grow their ecosystem, bringing value to current holders. Let’s start with the Interdimensional Lizards. Bored Ape Yacht club was a pretty successful project in August 2021. But they decided to release a new collection that sent the project to the stratosphere. This collection was of course the Mutant Ape Yacht Club. By expanding the ecosystem and making it more accessible to the average consumer, it increased hype and drove more attention to the main BAYC collection. This had a flywheel effect that quickly grew the value of the entire ecosystem and everyone who was bought in. Creepz is adopting this play for their new Interdimensional Lizard collection. What’s super interesting here is they are taking this to the next level. Over the last few weeks Creepz holders have been playing a mystery box mini game in order to obtain shards. These shards will not only be used to create interdimensional lizards, but also to FULLY CUSTOMIZE them. This means that anyone who mints an interdimensional lizard will be able to create them to their own liking. With MAYC you simply hoped your mutant turned out interesting or cool. With interdimensional lizards, you have full control over its likeness. An interesting and revolutionary feature I think will bring monstrous attention to this project.

Next item on the roadmap I want to talk about is the Saloon. While details on the Saloon are sparse the founders have been hinting for several weeks now what might be involved in this new hangout spot for Creepz holders. First, a casino-like system has been heavily rumored to be involved. This means users might be able to post their hard earned Loomi in order to play mini games with other Creepz holders. This brings several benefits to the ecosystem. First, it gives more utility to Loomi, directly adding value to the token. Second, it acts as a way of building community, which to this point the founders have been doing a master class of executing on. If you’ve read any of my past research, you know I strongly believe community is the number 1 factor in how successful an NFT project is. In their latest 24 hour Twitter Space marathon Creepz cofounder Dom went heavily into how community has always been the focus of the project and by far the biggest reason why it’s been so successful up to this point. The Saloon will act as a way to bring a new hangout spot to the community and add in depth engagement through minigames and contests. The stronger the Creepz community is, the more value that will be returned to its holders.

Further down the roadmap is Cross Breeding. While many projects have talked about cross breeding, it looks like Creepz will be the first project to actually execute on this promise. Part of the announcement today is that you will soon be able to take your Creep, cross breed it with other projects, and in return get a new NFT that will be an amalgamation of the two NFT’s you bred. This is incredibly exciting for several reasons, the biggest of which is the opportunity to potentially bring in holders from other communities to the Creepz community. Picture this, you’re an BAYC holder and you learn you can cross breed your ape with a Creepz lizard in order to mint an ape/lizard hybrid. What do you do? You immediately pick up more Creepz Genesis lizards in order to be a part of this exciting functionality. In return, even more value is brought back to the Creepz holders. Now imagine this, you can cross breed Creepz with a number of different projects. You now have members across multiple projects trying to rush into Creepz. This has the potential to dramatically expand the entire Creepz holder base. An ingenious marketing decision by the Creepz founders.

One thing Creeps has certainly nailed up to this point is an impeccable art style from Psychrome

Getting into Season 3, the Creepz founders have announced a PVP game. This gets me excited mostly for the Loomi token for several reasons. First, this gives Loomi further utility as a true P2E token. This new game component will give you reason to hold and burn Loomi in order to potentially battle other Creepz in the ecosystem. This appears to be one of the first true ongoing uses of Loomi outside the mystery box. If users have a reason to constantly burn Loomi with some sort of game experience, it will put deflationary pressure on the token therefore increasing its value. Yet another way the founders are finding ways to return value to ecosystem holders. On top of that, it will give more utility to the Genesis collection itself. Again, boosting its value.

Lastly, I want to talk about the Fashion announcement which includes branding and events. By releasing merchandise that we have to assume will only be purchasable with LOOMI you are doing multiple things including giving more utility to Loomi, putting deflationary pressure on Loomi, and building the community through real life items. When BAYC released merchandise several months ago it brought incredible attention to the project and also created walking billboards. This is what will happen to Creepz, with the additional benefit of adding deflationary pressure to the token. Another win for all holders.

The Creepz founders have a shot here of executing in a way no NFT founders have executed before. They have a proven track record of promising and delivering content and functionality, and now they’ve given us a glimpse into what’s next. There’s always risk involved. They still need to execute, so nothing is guaranteed here. But based on what they’ve accomplished already I have no reason to doubt they have a shot to achieve what they’ve set out to do since day 1- flip BAYC.

I covered a lot here and I hope you found some good information. My goal is not to make you invest, it is to hopefully teach you something about my investment style and how I do research. Hopefully some of the information here will help you in the future when you do your own research. As always, this is not financial advice, just simply my own findings. If you found this helpful feel free to subscribe to my newsletter. It’s completely free and I send all my research there first. Also follow my Twitter and feel free to engage with me there. Thanks for reading.

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