Creepz is Creating the Blue-print to Become a Blue-Chip

NFT projects will become billion dollar brands and companies. This is just a fact that is only reinforced every day by different advancements and announcements across communities. Today, Cold Blooded Creepz made one of those announcements. In a special event appropriately titled “Moonshot Monday”, Creepz cofounders Dom3 and Jo3car aka Sharkbait, in front of an audience of thousands on a Discord Podium announced a strategic partnership with Three Six Zero, an industry leading management and entertainment company. Three Six Zero also represents the likes of Will Smith, Calvin Harris, Louis Tomlinson and many more A list celebrities. This is one of the first steps in what I believe is Creepz not only becoming a blue chip project, but a blue chip global brand. Let’s discuss why this is a monumental step for the entire NFT space and how this is a blue print other NFT projects can use to take their projects and communities to a global level.

Before we talk about where Creepz is heading, let’s talk about where they started. The Creepz project minted on December 29th 2021 with their aptly titled “Invasion Pass”. The invasion pass was the ticket into the Cold Blooded Creepz P2E ecosystem that would officially begin on January 5th 2022 when those passes allowed you to mint an actual Creep. I knew before any of these mints Creepz was onto something special. I predicted massive things for Creepz and made it my first high conviction call of my career since the Sandbox for one reason and one reason only- community. With a Discord that was active 24/7 including non stop voice chat, Twitter Spaces, and absolutely incredible memes, I knew Creepz wasn’t just building a 10k art project, they were building a culture and a brand. Every decision made since has backed up this theory, with today’s announcement totally confirming it.

Having an active Discord and online community is very difficult to pull off organically, but it’s almost impossible to maintain. In a space where a day feels like a year and new projects rocket and then crash, it takes high level and near flawless execution to keep hype not only rolling, but to actually build a brand. And this is what Dom and Sharkbait have achieved. Through strategic drops, high community engagement, and a slow drip of mouth watering alpha, the Creepz founders have kept the community wrapped around their finger for months now. What this has achieved is not only insane price growth (over 100x), but also a large group of people waiting to consume anything and everything coming from the brand. The critical word here is BRAND. This isn’t just an NFT project. The community doesn’t just want another jpeg to buy. The founders and devs have somehow created something much bigger than that.

Similar to Bored Ape Yacht Club before it, holding a Creep is not just holding a non-fungible token, it’s being part of something bigger. With the announcement today the brand is turning into that something bigger right before our eyes. By strategically partnering with Three Six Zero they’ve made their proclamation, they are ready to become a global entertainment brand. While nothing official has been announced, it is easy to see how Psychrome’s unique artistic vision can now be a part of television shows, merchandise, movies, promotions with celebrities, other forms of art, and major partnerships with non-NFT brands. While other NFT projects take the cheap route and try to manipulate attention by asking for likes, retweets, and tags, Creepz took the road less traveled by building community and making strategic partnerships. This is the blueprint for rising to the top of the NFT space.

So what is the takeaway here? If you are starting a new NFT project what can you learn by the insane success and unique vision of Creepz? First it’s this, build organically. By buying followers, forcing engagement, and tricking social media algorithms you won’t build a true community. You’ll just gather people looking to make a quick buck. This might bring you some short term success but there’s a very good chance your project dies out quick. Take a unique differentiated vision and slowly build something real. While doing this, have a bigger idea in mind. Creepz clearly did not just have the goal of being a successful art project. They had the goal of being a global brand. The Disney of the NFT space. Build slow, and build organically.

This article wasn’t written to try to convince anyone to buy a Creep. This article was written to show you a path not typically taken in the NFT space. By having a unique vision and growing your brand organically you can achieve something truly special. This is still prehistoric times in the NFT community. There will be Disneys of the space. There will be Marvels. Marvel didn’t get popular by asking fans to retweet and tag 3 friends. They got popular because Kevin Feige had a unique longterm vision that he executed on one step at a time. He built a world through the visual medium one movie and one character at a time. This is how you build a successful brand and this is the playbook Creepz is creating for the NFT space.

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