Creepz and the Art of πŸ•―

A single emoji can have a massive impact. From an athlete on the trading block tweeting πŸ‘€ to a friend zoned dork commenting πŸ”₯, a single emoji can purvey a huge amount of emotion. If you regular NFT Twitter at any level and have read any comment section in the last week, you have undoubtedly seen the ubiquitous πŸ•―over and over again. Typically being commented from an account with a cartoony looking lizard, this single emoji has become the calling card of an NFT community. What the playing card is to the Joker, the bat signal is to Batman, and the bricked 3 is to Russell Westbrook, the πŸ•― has become the calling card to the Creepz community. Let’s talk about how this simple emoji can rile up a community and drive it to heights previously unseen.

If you’ve read one of my past articles about Creepz you know that by far its biggest weapon is its community. They’ve organically built a potent community that has survived and grown stronger despite the short term attention span nature of the NFT space. They’ve done this through strong lore, continuous social media events including 24 hour spaces, and the strongest meme game on web 3.0 right now. This week it feels the tone has changed. This week it feels like the community has weaponized social media. And they did it with a single candle.


If you go onto any Twitter post asking which NFT project they should buy, any floor that should be swept, or any tweet by Gary Vee ever, you will see an ocean of candles. The Creepz community has adopted this emoji as their own and weaponized it across Discord and Twitter. Any potential investor casually scrolling NFT Twitter without a doubt has this engrained in their memories. Creepz holders have decided to absolutely flood all social media platforms with this signature emoji. This accomplished multiple things. One) awareness. Half the battle in the NFT space is awareness of projects. With so many projects minting every day it’s almost impossible to capture the attention of the wider NFT community. Traditional advertising straight up does not work, almost every ad platform refuses to take money from NFT projects. The only way to advertise is organically through your community. With the πŸ•― the Creepz community found a low barrier way to weaponize their entire community as one big nonstop advertisement. Two) this creates fomo. People see a community unifying and having fun, they want to become a part of the community. Maybe it’s not right away, but for sure the next time they see Creepz on OpenSea, they are thinking about all those candles they saw on Twitter.

At its core the value of NFT’s come from community. If it was purely about the pictures, there would be next to no value. You’d right click save as. People buy NFT’s to feel like they belong and are a part of something bigger than themselves. By plastering Creepz memes and emojis all over social media, Creepz holders are showing just how potent this feeling is in their community. FOMO doesn’t just happen with price action, it can happen with community action too, and I’ve seen no better example of this than the πŸ•―πŸ¦Ž with Creepz. If you’re an NFT creator and reading this article right now take note, this is how you create a wave of organic attention on your project and drive growth from the bottom up.

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