Alien Frens Creating the Next BAYC?

Over the past month Alien Frens has had an absolute meteoric rise. From going for .02 Eth on it’s launch day to currently sitting over 2 Eth at the moment, it’s created an unbelievably dedicated community (and also some unbelievable wealth). Created by @_masoncrowe Alien Frens has gone from a cute collection of Alien profile pictures to a movement. With the project’s roadmap slowly starting to get unveiled, it might be safe to say this is only the beginning of what might be the next Bored Alien Yacht Club.

Minted only on December 19th, Alien Frens has officially entered the conversation for Blue Chip status. These cute, simple, yet eye catching NFT’s have taken the community by storm and has even caught the attention of NFT influencers like Gary Vee. The art and community have been great, but in 2022 it will take more than just those 2 things to remain relevant. You need utility, and with recent announcements about upcoming plans, they may be positioned to take the next step towards becoming a top tier project. Let’s break down their latest announcement, Alien Frens V2.

Alien Frens V2 marks the next stage for Alien Frens. Sometime in the near future all Alien Frens holder will be airdropped an “incubator” that will allow you to transform your Fren into a V2 Fren. You keep your old Fren and your new one, but you lose the incubator. This will further expand the ecosystem, adding more mystery and hype around the project. The moment lore and potential for profit expands, the more people are going to talk. This might remind you of something Bored Ape Yacht Club did earlier this year when they air dropped Mutant Serums into all BAYC holder wallets. This led to the wildly popular project Mutant Ape Yacht Club. It also led to increased floor prices for the original Bored Ape Yacht Club and extreme demand for the Serums that were air dropped. The entire BAYC ecosystem grew.

What’s an interesting dynamic to all of this is the economy around the Serum itself. Because it gets burnt when it is used, it is actually a deflationary asset. This led to slow, and then fast, increase in demand for this asset. Which led to higher prices for the Serum, then in turn higher prices for the entire ecosystem. This was a win/win for everybody. Alien Frens is taking a page out of this playbook and doing the exact same thing with the V2’s.

What does this mean for Alien Frens hodlers? Do you hold the incubator knowing the supply will shrink and demand might increase? What does this mean for people thinking about getting into Alien Frens? Should you get in before incubators get air dropped so you can be a part of this next stage of Frens? Really interesting and strategic moves from the Alien Frens team being announced. If this play turns out to be successful, this could be the next project we mention along the names of BAYC and CryptoPunks

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